Decals now available for purchase - Read Announcement for important information.

A copy of the following documents are required to attach to your decal application:

Internet Explorer is recommended. This program may not accept attachments through a cell phone or tablet. Safari, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers may not be compatible to add attachments.

1) Valid driver license

2) Current vehicle registration in the resident's name or in the name of a parent with the same last name (see note for different last name instructions)

3) 2 proofs of residency (Lease & ISIS, GRU bill, Cable bill or other bills received as mail. Junk mail is not an acceptable form of proof).


If your vehicle is registered to a parent with a different last name, or to another immediate family member, download the "Vehicle Use Affidavit" (Click here) and have it notarized.

The Standard, 1360 West University Avenue, is excluded from the Zone 2 parking decal program. Contact your landlord regarding parking for your personal vehicle(s).

IMPORTANT: There are NO refunds or credits for decals purchased in error.

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Documents required for application. Read Announcement above for information.

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